• 1. Nem rán – 2 pcs 52,-

    fried spring rolls with chicken and pork, carrot, kohlrabi, wood fungus mushrooms, onion, egg, coriander, glass noodles, rice paper, fish sauce (hot/mild), or homemade Cay Cay chilli.

  • 2. Bánh tráng cuốn tôm – 2 ks 55,-

    summer rolls with shrimps, iceberg salad, carrots, cucumber, rice noodles, rice paper, coriander, hot / non-hot fish sauce or homemade "chili" Cay Cay.

Main course

  • 3. Bún bò Nam Bộ 140,-

    rice noodles, beef, carrot, cucumber, iceberg salad, mung bean sprouts, fried onion, roasted peanuts, fish sauce.

  • 4. Phở bò tái 135,-

    Pho noodle soup with cured beef, mungo bean sprouts, red onion, cilantro.

  • 5. Bún Thịt Nướng 135,-

    marinated pork, sesame, iceberg salad and herbs, rice noodles, fish sauce.

  • 6. Chả cá 145,-

    vietnamese fish meatloaf with celery stalks, mung been sprouts, carrots, dill, jasmine rice. (4, 9)

  • 7. Cà ri gà 165,-

    chicken thigh in curry sauce, coconut milk, sweet potatoes, taro, jasmine rice / rice noodles. (2, 4, 14)


  • 8. Heo nướng trộn 79,-

    medium roasted cut pork neck, iceberg salad, pepper, cucumber, coriander, sweet and savoury hot sauce or homemade Cay Cay.

  • 9. Miến trộn gà 85,-

    salad with glass noodles, shredded chicken, red pepper, cucumber, carrots, sesame oil, roasted peanuts, fried shallots. (5, 4)

  • Rice extra 25,-
  • Cay Cay extra 15,-

    Homemade chilli sauce.

When ordering food to take away, the price for the package will be added to the individual portions.


Hot drinks
  • Green tea (Vietnam) – teapot 42,-
  • Jasmine tea (Vietnam) – teapot 48,-
  • Cà Phê – Vietnamese coffee 45,-

    „Black or brown coffee?“

Cold drinks

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